Foxy Boxing

When we were in San Diego last summer, Holden and I enjoyed walking through the markets in Old Town and looking at some of the beautiful hand-made items on display. I was particularly fond of the Mexican flower pots, and I have regretted not doing more research on the cost to buy some and have them shipped cross-country to us. Fortunately, a friend of mine spent a bit of her summer in the area and offered to take care of the shipping for me. They arrived last week, without even a scratch on any of them, despite the 2,000+ mile journey! After carefully unpacking them, I noticed Holden examining the shipping box. I knew what he was thinking, and so without him having to ask, I climbed into the box to show that I would fit into it. He disappeared up the stairs to grab the camera while I undressed. ~C

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14 thoughts on “Foxy Boxing

    1. H and C Post author

      Many thanks! Not sure how to describe the contents, either, but I know the box should be labeled “Fragile. Handle with Care.” 😉

  1. fridayam

    Ah, Aphrodite rising from the foam-flecked brine! Well–polystyrene-flecked….anyway…Gorgeous! Sorry for lateness, btw, been working my little cotton socks off 😉 x

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