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Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2016

We are honored and flattered to make Molly’s roster again this year, and we find ourselves wedged between two of our favorite sexy ladies (see numbers 17 and 19.) What a warm and wonderful place to be!

Best Mens Blogs

A very unexpected surprise, and one that puts us in some very unique and fascinating company! Holden, of course, now has a ton of additional sites to visit on his tours of the Web!

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dorothy Black for a piece she wrote for Marie Claire (South Africa.) Click here to read our advice and experience as amateur sex blog operators!


And, in a related post to the above, here is Dorothy’s initial write-up featuring our defunct Tumblr blog, published back in February of 2013.


And in a relatively recent development, we registered our blog on Kinkly.com. We aren’t sure what benefits may come, from our presence there, but all of the cool kids were doing it.


In March of 2016, we were absolutely floored to find ourselves on Molly’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2015! And to come in at #6, with all of the wonderful sites in this collection, was such an unbelieveable honor.


Unfortunately, Erica is no longer adding content to her site, but please check out her feature on us from July 2015, if you haven’t already seen it. This was such an unexpected pleasure, and we were thrilled to participate!


We are proud and delighted whenever one of our photos serves as inspiration for an original piece on Fridayam’s Erotica. We won’t link you to a specific one, however, as you really should visit his blog and read them all…


Serious fans of erotic exploration are no doubt already familiar with Dick and Jane’s site, and a number of photos from our old Tumblr blog, we are proud to say, were featured in their Hot Pics section. And now, we are humbled to find ourselves among their Links of Interest!


Camille’s “The Pin-Up Goes Fishing” photo was submitted to and posted by Liberator’s blog, “a blog about sex, love, art and everything in between.” So much beauty, and definitely worth a visit.

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