26 September 2011



We had been blogging for a bit over a month when we took these two photos, against the wall in our basement late on a Saturday night. Camille was still uncertain as to how much of herself she would ultimately reveal to the two dozen or so Tumblr followers we had at the time, and so as the timer clicked down, she made sure to remind me to cover her completely lest the shot be wasted.

These were originally posted (as were nearly all of our early efforts) in glaringly bad color. One of the greatest appeals for us, in starting this site, was the ability to reboot some of these early images to reflect the aesthetic we achieved much later. That, and also to reclaim some of our stolen work and somehow make it ours again.

Please don’t worry, longtime followers — Not everything we post here will be regurgitations of images you have already seen. We haven’t been busy with photography as of late, but we remain inspired and we continue to seek inspiration for photos to come. We do, however, relish the opportunity to provide context for things we have posted, and to share a bit more about what went into the things you have seen.




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