Additions and Improvements



The exciting times continue at Holden-and-Camille.com as we learn our way around the WordPress admin panel and figure out exactly how we want to arrange our new home.

We each have navigation bar links with our names on them, with drop-downs to sort posts with photos of us, photos we have taken (vanilla in nature — none yet, but they will come), and things we have written. We’re attempting to structure this page for the long haul.

Most importantly, there is now a page for submissions and instructions for same, which we hope you will take a look at to see if you’d like to contribute. There is a (so far) empty nav bar category for Special Guest Stars, to sort both the photos and stories we hope to present.

Family circumstances have put new photo sessions on hold for the time being, though we hope you will continue to enjoy the efforts we have made to improve upon our previously posted images. More to come. We are, as ever, grateful for your continued interest and encouragement.


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