On Being Coy



It’s never been in my nature to be a tease, but I do admit to playing coy from time to time. Holden and I, as some of you know, met online through a dating website. He would write lengthy emails to me, early in the game, and I would reply with brevity. In reality, I was busy with my job and raising my sons, but Holden took it as intentionally responding to his efforts with as few details as possible. It drove him nuts, and so I return to it sometimes, playfully.

On nights when I know he’s in the mood, and I am as well, I may not show my hand right away. I feign disinterest for a little while…and then wait for him at the top of the stairs like I am in this photo. I never tire of the smile on his face when he realizes that I am just as excited about a new adventure as he is. ~Camille

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