Note to Self:



Find a stool and grab that box of cuffs from the top shelf. ~Camille

12 thoughts on “Note to Self:

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you, Taylor! Do you mean bondage in general or fem-dom imagery in particular? There will likely be more of both to come, but we always want to hear about what our viewers like to see.

      1. taylor

        I’d say I’m into “vanilla bondage” – a term people in the lifestyle use derogatorily but which I quite like. I’m into images of men and women tied to beds and their partners lovingly having their way with them. Check out my blog.

          1. taylor

            I haven’t updated it in forever but hope you enjoy the things I shared.

            BTW — Just have to say you guys rock! Thanks for sharing your pix. One suggestion: Camille has lovely hair — how about a pic of her caressing you skin with it? Mayb even wrapped around your cock?

          2. H and C Post author

            Thanks so much, Taylor! I actually just got my hair cut recently and I’m already regretting that it isn’t as long. But I have a few ideas for showcasing what’s left, and I promise to see what I can do for you! ~Camille

          3. Taylor

            Thanks Camille. Can’t wait to see your new ‘do!

            Some hair fetish friends of mine aren’t interested in anything that’s not super long but I know a woman can give a lot of pleasure with a bob cut.

            Forgive me if I’m going too far but I’d like to make a pretty specific request. Would love to see Holden tied spreadeagle to the bed with you sitting on his face in 69 position. But instead of sucking him, you’ve got his cock in your silky hair. Major fantasy of mine! Thanks!

          4. H and C Post author

            Thanks again, Taylor! The post we made this morning (rocking out on the stairs) is probably the best one of my current hair length, though it’s kinda all over the place. We’ll see what we can do about your request, the next time we’re able to shoot without a time limit (kids coming home). The only potential problem I see is how to keep my identity hidden, though we deal with that all the time. ~Camille

          5. Taylor

            I imagined the shot to hide your faces. If you shoot from above at the foot of the bed, your sexy ass is hiding Holden’s face and you are face down with your hair flipped over your head and onto his cock.

            BTW — loved that new shot of you fastened to the bedpost. Those things must get a lot of action!

          6. H and C Post author

            Indeed, those bedposts could use some English oil. Just can’t leave them too slippery, in case Holden needs a place to plant his feet for leverage! ~C

  1. SkinTickler

    More please! Love the bondage shots. I’ve always loved the teasing sort of bondage, and you folks do it wonderfully. Not the “humiliation” bondage, but the “I’m going to restrain you so I have the ability to control the action while you have the opportunity to completely let yourself surrender to the moment” kind. YUMMY! And since you asked… please take turns letting the other be in charge.

    To Camille: I love the partial clothing because it implies so much urgency. As if you attacked him the moment you both came through the door… as if you bound his wrists first before he even knew what hit him… then slowly proceeded to remove what was in your way and play with whatever you “discovered”… to tease him with antici…

    …pation until he doesn’t even remember his own name. MMMmmm………

    (please excuse me now… I think I need a shower…)

    1. H and C Post author

      Exactly this — We aren’t a hard-core bondage couple and it would be difficult to categorize either of us into a neat little lifestyle label. What we DO enjoy, however, is exploring different scenarios, photographing them, repeating the ones we enjoyed and scrap-heaping the ones we didn’t. We figure it’s working pretty well for us so far!

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