Snake Puns



“If I give you my boa, can I see your python?”

“Hand me that boa before I smack your asp.”

“I love your boa, but isn’t that bra constricting?”

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2 thoughts on “Snake Puns

  1. SkinTickler

    With all of that set-up I think he at least deserved to see a garter. Don’t worry, though… I’m sure he would never take his diamond back. And I really like the rest of the outfit, too… lovely Camille not dressed, Holden fully clothed except for moccasins.

    1. H and C Post author

      LOL, very well done! Looking at our search term click-throughs, a few people have accidentally found us while Googling “snake puns.” In any event, if the Googler is female, we hope we didn’t rattle ‘er.

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