Fireman Carry



Revisiting one of our favorite re-creation requests. This one was sent by Misty last spring, and here is our original caption from Tumblr (there’s no way we could improve upon it here):

Imagine poor Camille, buck naked, crouched behind the tripod and staring through the camera’s view-finder in order to line up the shot. Once she’s satisfied, she hits the timer button, skitters 15 or so feet across a slippery floor and then launches herself over my right shoulder. Meanwhile I, as the camera’s beep-beep-beep warning alerts us faster and faster, attempt to get my hands in exactly the right position…while making sure I don’t drop my wife over my back. THIS is what we go through in order to bring y’all our best efforts!

2 thoughts on “Fireman Carry

  1. cristiona

    And a fine effort it is! I can see a bit of a smile about to erupt on you, Holden. I’m sure you guys had fun with this. And if Camille got out of that hold without a nibble on her butt, I’d be surprised.

    1. H and C Post author

      Fortunately, we ended up posting one of the early efforts from this pose, so we didn’t have to PhotoShop out a bunch of teeth marks on Camille’s butt. 😉 We had a great time with it! It is the primary reason why we eventually bought a remote for the camera, though.

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