On Strength

strengthI raised two boys from toddlerhood to adulthood, virtually all alone. For fifteen years, I never had fewer than one job, and often as many as three. I put aside my own desires for the sake of my sons, and supported them through thick and thin. In short, I consider myself a strong woman. But sometimes, now, with Holden, all I want is for him to pin me down with those big strong hands and fuck me until my eyes water and my entire body trembles. I’ve earned it, and I don’t apologize to anyone for my occasional surrender. ~Camille


7 thoughts on “On Strength

      1. H and C Post author

        Thank you, one and all! Holden asked me to write the caption and, even as I posted it, I was afraid that maybe I’d said too much. I appreciate your comments! ~Camille

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