Photo Copies #1

010214Inspired as of late to attempt to re-create some lovely professional photography we found on our dash.


4 thoughts on “Photo Copies #1

  1. Mike Thomas

    Yes, It is beautiful, however there is all sorts of pro-quality, posed content on ‘Net. Please don’t go down that road.

    We all know that to take self-images of a couple in their lovemaking does require care and a certain amount of posing, but your images have a sense of intensity and immediacy that is quite wonderful. And also an engaging whimsy, for example the creative use of Christmas lighting.

    Hell, even the little polka dot dress was flirtatious.

    You do that so well, caption appropriately, and convey not just an image, but the emotion and feeling.

  2. Mike Thomas

    Let me add this: the lighting is excellent, Camille’s profile is beautiful, and the dynamics – bent body, stocking being drawn up her leg – draw the eye and encourage it to linger.

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you both, Theresa and Mike! We do try hard to convey a certain emotion and connection in our photos, and we are always pleased to be reminded that it comes through to keen observers. And it’s fun, too, and so we love knowing that our little bits of humor and creativity are conveyed, as well! We do run out of ideas from time to time, and we see some pro-porn shots that we enjoy trying out for ourselves, but we will always keep the true passion in place. We hope! 😉

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