It Overcomes Her



It overcomes her so

She is warm and nude.  Under the bed clothes, she studies his breathing.  Is he awake?  What time is it?  Does he want to be awake at this hour?

As she lays there contemplating all of these things, she allows her passion for him to rise.  This man who cares for her in many sensual ways.  She yearns to please him, she longs to honor his manhood.   She cannot help herself.  She reaches under the bed clothes to hold him. 

What a glorious penis he has. Gently she takes the sac into her fingertips. What an interesting thing. This sac filled with balls that roll and engorge and do such marvelous things.  Being most careful with the jewels she separates the sac and its contents from his thigh that it seems to cling to. He is stirring now.  Not in a startled way but a, “oh am I dreaming or is this real” type of way. 

The need over comes her.  She starts kissing his stomach and then down to the glorious glands.  She licks the tip. And then takes it full into her mouth.  She hears him gasp.. Has she hurt him..  she listens for affirmation that this is what he would like.  He starts to moan with approval.  The shaft gets more turgid in her mouth.  Such a delight  to have the power to bring this mighty man to ‘attention’.  She sucks, fondles and ‘noses around’ as she waits and encourages his need for her.  His overwhelming desire to feast  on her.  And so the dance of these lovers begins and satisfies as only good love making can.


This anonymous submission was such a tremendous and welcome surprise! Two photos AND a story to go along with them? We are completely spoiled! ~H+C

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