0711Camille showers before I do, on weekday mornings. When it’s my turn, she’s usually wrapped in a body towel with a smaller towel on her head to hold her hair in place while she puts on her make-up. I don’t know why, or how it started, but we always kiss before I get in the shower, and tell each other Good Morning. By the time I’m finished with my shower, she has traded in her towels for at least some of the outfit she’ll wear to work that day, and thus dries her hair.

One day last week, I found her leaning over the bathroom counter wearing this: a form-fitting Mickey Mouse tee shirt from our trip to Orlando last fall, braless and barefoot, with black bikini panties. I still had to put in my contacts and then shave, so it’s a wonder how I made it to work that day without poking one of my eyes out or slicing the bejeezus out of myself with the razor.

She was kind enough to replicate this outfit for a couple of photos before heading out of town for the weekend. Happy Friday, y’all.



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