No Jinx!

0727Hope we don’t jinx things by publishing this post, but we think we have another long weekend of privacy at the lake house on schedule ahead of us, to shoot more like these!


6 thoughts on “No Jinx!

  1. fridayam

    May I stumble one day on your Waldon Pond 😉 Exquisite image of such a beautiful lady 🙂

    Finished the shoot now, just learning to be human again and catch up on your delightful images x

    1. H and C Post author

      Welcome back, and we appreciate the comments! Hope the shoot turned out exactly as you’d hoped. Waldon Pond it isn’t, but it is quiet, secluded and lacks both TV and internet. Perfect for when we need a peaceful break.

      1. fridayam

        How lovely to have such a place 🙂 Thank you, my shoot was brutally arduous but a joy and I am very happy with the (explosive) results 😉 And thank you for the welcome back 🙂 x

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