A Tenga How-To

Tenga is a Japanese company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of male masturbation toys. Tonight, we examine the Tenga Egg.

0807aAren’t they cute? They come in little egg-shaped packages.

0807bOpening the plastic shell reveals the stretchy silicone sleeve and the small pouch of “Egg Lotion” lubricant included with each disposable unit.

0807cPosition the opening above the head of the penis, pull the sleeve wide and pull down.

0807dStretch the sleeve down, all the way to the base — the effort is worth it — and get ready to apply a tight up and down motion with your grip. Repeat this action as necessary (!), then toss the sleeve after orgasm. There are 12 varieties, each with its own unique set of ridges and stimulation points, so feel free to experiment!





2 thoughts on “A Tenga How-To

    1. H and C Post author

      How kind of you to ask! I’ve tried all of the Tenga varieties — eggs, cups, sleeves, Flip-Holes — and I have to admit that the eggs are probably my least favorite (unless Camille is the one manipulating them!). ~H

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