Real Sex

0911It isn’t like sex in the movies. Your hair becomes tangled, unruly and matted with sweat. There is no romantic soundtrack to drown out the noises your body makes. You reach back between your legs with your vibrator and accidentally poke him in his most tender spot. You queef. Your bones creak and you get tangled in the bed linens. Orgasms come too quickly, or not at all. You try to fight off a muscle cramp, but it distracts you from your pleasure.

And it’s worth all of these things. Every. Single. Time.


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    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you, Britt! 🙂 Please, feel free to take these photos and captions and post them to your Tumblr. (That “Share to Tumblr” button leaves a lot to be desired.) We look in on you often and would love to see our images there. ~C

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