Monday, Boo.

1027hcMondays are especially rough after you’ve just enjoyed four days off. Think I’ll just sit here in the dark, sipping bourbon, and waiting for “Sleepy Hollow” to come on… ~C


6 thoughts on “Monday, Boo.

  1. fridayam

    Yeah, boo too to Monday, though I don’t recognise the expression “four days off” 😉 May I pass my quiet hour off sipping whiskey with you? Love the curtain of hair, the dim light, the pose x

    1. H and C Post author

      🙂 We took last Thursday and Friday off — We both have lots of accumulated vacation time, and Holden’s job will become ferociously busy in about a month. So we have planned a couple of four-day weekends before the madness begins. Thank you, as always! ~C

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