Playin’ Footsie with Peaches!


pchy-feet2The hardest thing (ahem) about receiving photos from Peaches is that she often sends several to choose from, and we have to try to select the best of a beautiful bunch. So this time, we explored some options that would allow us to post them all, and we found a couple of collage templates. Naturally, we disagreed on which of these was the best, so we are posting both of them. Y’all will have to let us know which one you prefer. But as always, with Peaches there is no wrong answer! Happy Friday, friends! Looking forward to your comments…


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4 thoughts on “Playin’ Footsie with Peaches!

    1. H and C Post author

      Holden made the grey one, but the other one had larger photos, so like we said — There is no wrong answer! 🙂

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