90 Degrees


0703b-hcWe thought these were too good not to post both of them together. Our poor Instagram followers will only get the top one, of course. Hope you all have had a joyful beginning to your weekend! We will be out of touch for the next couple of days, but we do have posts in the queue. Who loves y’all? We do! 😉


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12 thoughts on “90 Degrees

  1. Kerri

    It’s great to see you returned the favor to Holden for his efforts in the earlier post. Not that we were worried about Holden. It’s just great to see it 😉

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you very kindly! Yes, you needn’t worry about Holden, but we are always delighted to show you something you like! 😉

  2. fridayam

    Happy Independence Day 🙂 And what gorgeously erotic photos to celebrate it with 🙂 I keep meaning to say that Camille has very pretty feet—not that I have a foot-fetish or anything…..;) x

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