Back to Bed


0903b-hc-bwWe are approaching the end of the Chattanooga photos, and will probably post the final one on Saturday. These two were taken at the same time as these, from a couple of weeks ago, and we both were really thrilled at how they turned out.

But today’s most thrilling news, for me, is that Camille will be back home earlier than either of us anticipated! ~H


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12 thoughts on “Back to Bed

    1. H and C Post author

      How very kind of you, Paul! I love that top one, too. Holden said “Wow,” right after he shot that one, if I recall correctly. 😉 ~C

  1. Clara

    I love them both, but the top one. Absolutely stunning! It’s sexy, fun and just WOW!! And so glad to hear that you’re home early! :0) (I hope Holden had a very warm welcome for you.) ;0)

    1. H and C Post author

      We weren’t too sure about these, but the fact that we left several of you damned near speechless is a huge compliment! Thank you! 🙂 ~C

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