2015’s Most Viewed: #5


From Part Two: The Climax (February 20, 2015)

This is the third post in our countdown that was published during the cold early months of 2015 — We hope we were helping to provide y’all with some much-needed warmth! Please be sure to click the link above to seeΒ the original post, as itsΒ second photo is a delightful close-up of the mess Holden made. This image captures only the last few drops… πŸ™‚

For those of you venturing out tonight to ring in the new year, please be safe out there! (We will be celebrating from the comfort of our sofa.) And to one and all, Happy New Year! Wishing you happiness and joy, along with new beginnings and new adventures in 2016! ~H+C

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13 thoughts on “2015’s Most Viewed: #5

  1. Deb

    There is something about a man holding himself that is a total hot button for me! This is another photo I missed along the way….love how you captured the last bit of your essence before it falls.

    1. H and C Post author

      Oh, this is one of my hot buttons, too! It was a very lucky shot — Holden had the remote in his right hand, and was trying to time everything just right. The light from the window helped a lot. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year! ~C

  2. Dave

    Impossibly good timing, Impossibly good loght. All the while with eyes rolling back in his head. πŸ˜‰ Awesome shot, and… awesome shot.

  3. S&S

    not really sure how this 1 slipped by us. beautiful shot & angle. my better half particularly likes how camille’s breasts lay in this image. we love shots like these! happy new year down your way.

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