Lola’s Surprise


Good morning! Yesterday was overwhelming for us, in so many ways, and so we are pleased to be able to take a break from that in order to present this bit of whimsical sexiness from the always adorable Lola!

As alluring as the slender lines of her torso may be, and as greatly as you anticipate the slow reveal of what waits within her panties, can you be certain that she is not about to change the game completely with a sudden presentation of an alternate plan?

Do take a moment to thank Lola for this image, won’t you? And be sure to visit her site and her Tumblr blog for more!

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9 thoughts on “Lola’s Surprise

  1. fridayam

    It’s always a joy to see the lovely Lola–and thank you Lola for such a sexy, funny image 🙂 And congratulations to you too for making such an illustrious list!

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