Cheerful Peaches


Our dear Peaches found herself a bit of out of sorts, earlier this year, and has fought hard to emerge from a psychic funk. After living vicariously through our own vacation plans — isn’t email wonderful? — she now has a couple of big events on her own calendar to gleefully anticipate. In celebration of her newly found high spirits, she sends along this photo, so that we could share it with you all and try to lift your mood, as well! We hope you will respond to her ongoing generosity by posting a few kind words below…

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8 thoughts on “Cheerful Peaches

  1. fridayam

    Oh Peaches, I am so sorry to hear you have been in low spirits and I hope you are well and truly over that. And thank you once again for such a lovely image of your beautiful bottom and the shadowed secret within 🙂 Peaches shouldn’t be blue, but pink and creamy 🙂 x

  2. Marc

    Hi Peaches,

    I am so sorry to learn that you were having a rough spell.

    Many thanks for the photo, wow. What a cute derriere.

    Keep smiling, I am……

  3. Kerri

    I’m sorry to hear you were going through a rough patch, but I’m very happy you’re feeling better, gorgeous Peaches!

    1. H and C Post author

      She’s a trooper, and we feel confident that nothing will keep her down for long! Thank you for the encouragement!

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