Meet Kit! (part 2)



This, y’all. This is how we define sexy. Sure, we go full-on XXX explicit from time to time, when we are happy with the image, but show us a gorgeous lady in pretty panties and a sheer top, confidently posed and with great lighting, and we are all in!

Thanks very much for your comments and encouragement on Kit’s first pair of photos, and we hope you will enjoy these just as much or even more! Let her hear from you, please…

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8 thoughts on “Meet Kit! (part 2)

  1. fridayam

    I agree with you Camille, this is beyond sexy and thank you Kit for such wonderful photos (and your photographer for capturing you). I love the light, the poses, the subtle T-Shirt tease and most of all your magnificent body x

  2. Kerri

    I truly admire the photographer’s work, but, as with Holden’s photography, having a gorgeous subject really improves the odds of having a fantastic photo. Thank you for sharing once again, Kit! We hope to see many more from you.

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