Ottoman Empress


Serviced upon a worthy perch, as he expresses his gratitude for my efforts during a long day of photo creation. (Unpublished outtake from July 2015.)

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Sinful Sunday

40 thoughts on “Ottoman Empress

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you! It’s a great little detail, though completely accidental — His tongue has me grasping for help to stay upright! 😉 ~C

  1. Molly

    Silverdom hit the nail on the head, this is beautifully and seriously fucking erotic. The interplay between the two of you, not just the act but the obvious connection is glorious to me


    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you, Molly! We’re afraid that we’ve worn out our Sinful Sunday welcome with most of your readers, but we will re-double our efforts moving forward. We do have a shot in mind for next week, already… 😉

    1. H and C Post author

      “Ottoman Express” would be an interesting idea, as well! 😉 We’ll keep that one in the idea vault. ~C

  2. Jo

    Hahaha I was just thinking the same thing as Tinkerbell – if ottomans came with a side of cunnilingus, they’d be sold out internationally. I think the two of you have done more for Masturbation May than you know.

    1. H and C Post author

      Holden is a scoundrel — He had me pose this way, alone, before he told me what kind of photo he really had in mind!

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you, Maria! All credit to Holden for coming up with the title — He was proud of himself! 😉

  3. GinnyRose

    Just exquisite! I found your site by way of the (now defunct) A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age. I love the connection, trust, and fun in your photos!

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you, Ginny, and welcome! We post daily, so we hope you’ll take a look around, when you have time! ~C

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you, dear! We often don’t catch the little details in our photos until long after we’ve taken them, but we were very well aware of our hands in this one as we were shooting. We hoped it would turn out as well as it did!

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