Tinkerbell’s Toes



Happy Friday, ladies and gents! This is a four-day work week for many of us, but it feels like a full one and then some. Fortunately for all of us, Tinkerbell sends along a couple of delightful and playful images to start Friday off right!

She describes herself as born to wear flowers in her hair and to dance around barefoot to celebrate the arrival of warm weather in her part of the world, and we wholly support those instincts! She further reports that she hardly ever polishes her toenails, but we know that we have some readers who would love to offer encouragement to help make this a more regular occurrence.

So please, y’all, offer a word or two of gratitude for these lovely images? We hope you enjoyed them!

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5 thoughts on “Tinkerbell’s Toes

  1. fridayam

    Oh Tinkerbell what lovely toes! And the pearls add just that touch of eroticism to give a frisson to even the most jaded fetishist 😉 Always a delight to see any part of your loveliness lady x

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