The only thing that improves my experience with the always-reliable Magic Wand is when Holden is the one who handles it! To see who else is enjoying toy time this weekend, click the lips below the picture of the Caribbean flamingo lagoon at the zoo. (Special thanks to the flamingos for inspiring the post title.)


Sinful Sunday

37 thoughts on “Flamboyance

  1. Tinketbell

    I must admit I have never tried one…..not any kind. My friend tells me that “everyone” has one, but I’d be way to shy to buy one….
    Looks lovely though ♡

    1. H and C Post author

      The nice thing about this particular item is that it’s marketed here in the States as a “muscle massager,” and so it’s available in just about every pharmacy store! No visits to seedy sex shops… 😉 ~C

      1. Tinkerbell

        Ha ha I think I have to get abroad to do that 😉 Or maybe….and oh, do you by the way sell birthday cards here? And please wrap it as a present, will you 😜

  2. Marc

    Very nice.

    I will echo the comments about Holden holding your leg….

    You look very relaxed, my guess is that will change very shortly.

  3. Jo

    Agreed – it’s so much hotter when someone else is controlling the vibe. I have no willpower, but I *love* edging; a partner can tease me in ways that I have a difficult time teasing myself. I love how your bodies are entangled in this shot – it shows how comfortable you are as partners, which is really sexy. I also like your hand at your throat – as though you are catching your breath!

    1. H and C Post author

      Oh, I was most certainly catching my breath! When he teams up with my toys, it is a completely new experience! He sometimes has to remind me, the next day, what we did and why I’m sore in places… 😉 ~C

  4. sub-Bee

    I have never actually played with my magic wand alone. Using toys doesn’t even enter my mind if I’m alone, why would they when its so much more fun when he’s in control 😉

    1. H and C Post author

      I don’t break mine out when I’m alone much, either. It’s so much more fun to use it together! 🙂 ~C

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