The Arrival



Wherein I am reminded that it’s difficult to sing while you’re giggling…

Audrey and I hid around the corner from the suite’s entrance-way and waited. Soon, we heard the beep of the card-key and the creak of the door. Dutch slipped off his shoes and paused a few beats before asking, “Hello?”

We joined hands and adopted exaggerated sashays, rounding the corner to meet him with a remarkably off-key rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song. His face flushed a bright red, and we were relieved that he’d closed the door behind him so that he could prop himself up with it. We approached him, as it appeared that he had been rendered temporarily immobile. After we gave coordinated kisses to his cheeks, Audrey took his hands in hers and purred, “You remember my friend Camille, right?”

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4 thoughts on “The Arrival

    1. H and C Post author

      Once again, you favor us by being the only commenter on a post we love. Thank you very much! And I certainly hope I made an impression! 😉 ~C

        1. H and C Post author

          Thanks so much! We wish we knew ahead of time which photos would be ignored, so we could try to post something different instead. Actually, that’s not true. We love these, and we are proud of them. ~C

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