Dutch Treat: Chapter 16 of 16



[Even with the assistance of a sexy accomplice, the act of shimmying out of a body-stocking is far more sexy in theory than in still-frame images. Please imagine them discarded in a pile at the foot of the bed, beside Dutch’s jeans, as we skip forward a bit in the chronology…]

Audrey and I had but one more presentation to make. As we had discussed previously, we climbed on the bed in unison and came to rest side by side on our hands and knees. Dutch pressed himself against us, his arousal barely contained by the thin layer of fabric between his erection and our asses. He caressed our backs, our hips and our bottoms, his urgency growing with each pass. With a deep breath, he clasped the waistbands of our thongs and pulled.

The preliminary rounds were over, and the main event had begun.

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