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Rinsed and dried and (in my imagination) smelling delicious, our marvelous man returns for a second contribution! He’s still in the bathroom, however, and interested to hear what you ladies might have in mind for the next act? We could just stare at him, of course, but that only goes so far… ~C

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10 thoughts on “Up Next

  1. fridayam

    Skippy, I welcome anyone who gets our georgeous Camille’s juices flowing 😉 Though you might want to change your name, as the image of an intelligent kangaroo keeps hopping out of my childhood memories 😉 Good on ya!

    1. H and C Post author

      Oooo, hopping! That’s what this photo needs! I mean, it would be fine with me if the towel somehow jostled loose… 😉 ~C

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