Aurora’s Stockings

Happy Friday, everyone! Aurora has given us all a belated Christmas treat — Another peek of her sexy stockings. 😉 We are mesmerized by this view of her, and we can only imagine what delightful pleasures awaited the person who was presented with this perspective. Please take a moment to leave her a message of thanks for this suggestive image, in hopes that we might get a look at more of the story… ~C

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14 thoughts on “Aurora’s Stockings

    1. H and C Post author

      She certainly does! I can’t pull off down-blouse photos, myself, so I’m happy to have a contributor who can provide these kinds of views! 😉 ~C

  1. jetosh

    A beautiful view. Lucky is the person that gets to put their face between Aurora’s breasts & kiss, nibble & lick their way down to the tops of her stockings.

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