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We continue to be encouraged by the number of daily views our Tops & Faves page receives, and we wish we had created it a long time ago. It’s a great collection for newcomers, especially those who contact us through the swingers’ site for more information about our photography.

Recently, however, a new visitor wrote to express a bit of confusion about the page, as she expected to see a gallery of our own personal favorites in addition to the most popular images. We talked about it and decided to embark on a lengthy journey through the media library to find the photos each of us loves the most. With over 1,700 posts on this site, paring our choices down to ten each was a challenge.

Before we add the galleries to Tops & Faves next weekend, we will each post one favorite for the next ten days. These are in no particular order — Limiting our choices to ten was hard enough, so there was no way we could possibly rank them. It will come as no surprise that nearly all of Camille’s favorites are solo photos of Holden, and vice versa.

From let me be your shelter (August 27, 2014)

From Anything Biting? (August 18, 2014)

(Not all of the posts will have two images that are paired as perfectly as these two, but we will try to keep it interesting. Both of these were shot at the family lake house in August of 2014.)

12 thoughts on “Ours (1 of 10)

  1. Aiden

    Love these! It’s hard to pic a favorite between the two. Yay for the Lake house! Looking forward to seeing all your favorites.

    xo Aiden

    1. H and C Post author

      Oh, Holden is well aware of the disparity in attention between his photos and mine. He’s just happy that we are posting things that people enjoy. 😉 ~C

    1. H and C Post author

      It’s a good thing our dinner menu didn’t depend upon our skills as anglers, because we surely would have gone hungry! ~C

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