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Happy weekend, readers! We have a rare treat for you this morning: a bit of guest-submitted erotic fiction! The contribution is from dear Aiden — whom you can follow on Twitter at @openspiritgrl — and was truly a welcome surprise! Please enjoy…

“Just go with whatever feels natural, and try to pretend I’m not here.” Having a guest photographer was a new idea for the two of them. Watching these two up close was a dream come true for her. Camille quickly begins to get into the moment with Holden, the photographer forgotten. She leans over to kiss him, reaching down to feel the status of his cock. Massaging him until he’s straining against his zipper. Holden’s eyes wander over Camille, he leans to nibble at the top of her bra, unhooking it. They kiss, and caress one another, their love is palpable. It doesn’t take long before he bends her over the table, removing her thong, as he unzips. Camille is more than ready for him. He begins thrusting at a steady pace causing her to whimper with pleasure. The photographer watches, intoxicated by the scene. Keeping her composure was becoming increasingly difficult. After a few minutes Camille looks up and stares straight into the camera, she had forgotten it was there with someone watching. She looks away, but the photographer says, “Don’t look away. Look at me.” Their eyes meet, and you could feel the electric charge between them. The eye contact, and Holden’s thrusting had Camille riding the edge. A whispered “May I?” escapes the photographer’s lips. They both nod. She approaches the table leaning down to kiss Camille softly. The kiss lasts for a long time while they savor the taste of one another. She reaches to twirl Camille’s nipple between her fingers, delighted as it makes her moan into their kiss. Her own breathing is heavy when she pulls away to kiss her way leisurely over Camille’s back. The sensations send Camille over the edge, cumming loudly, with Holden roaring his own release a few moments later. The photographer continues caressing her back, laying gentle kisses on her hips, running her hands over her silky skin. When Holden pulls out, she runs a finger up his shaft, then brings it to her lips for a taste. Holden groans, his cock twitching reflexively. He moves around the table to stand in front of Camille. The photographer pulls up the chair, and with a brief look at Holden for permission, sits down behind her gently pressing her lips to Camille’s swollen clit.

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