Rhymes with Purple

Another look at the purple Hauty outfit, as promised, with a much closer view this time. I’m still pleasantly surprised at how well it paired with denim, and that I was able to keep all those little vertical details roughly parallel! ~C

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8 thoughts on “Rhymes with Purple

  1. Aiden

    The pattern of this piece is so intriguing. Purple is one of my favorite colors and between the lovely pattern and your astonishing beauty this one is a winner.

    xo 😘 Aiden

    1. H and C Post author

      You’re wonderful, Aiden! I don’t own a lot of purple things, but I think Holden and I need to look for more! 😉 ~C

  2. cris

    I like this pose.Is able to show the beauty of the outfit.at the same time it enhance your natural beauty.I love the contrast with the blue jeans.

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