The Fourth

It’s anniversary day! We published our first post to this site on the 20th of April, 2013, and the milestone has prompted a great deal of reflection.

Our hosting fees, domain registration fees, and privacy protection charges were auto-renewed a few days ago, but we will likely let this site expire when the bills come due again in April of 2018. Daily visit statistics have been trending down for months — we seem to be posting for only a dozen or so daily readers — and it has become more difficult for us to justify spending several hundred dollars a year, not to mention our time, for stagnation.

That said, however, we know that letting this site go would result in hundreds of our photos disappearing from the web. To that end, we will spend the next 365 days migrating the best of our images to a new Tumblr blog — holden-and-camille.tumblr.com — so that an archive of our efforts over the past four years can be preserved. Do give us a follow, please, and any suggestions of blogs to follow will be appreciated. We would be thrilled with the occasional re-blog, as well.

We will continue to post new content here for the next year, as we have several exciting locations in which to shoot in the coming months, though our daily posting schedule will slow to something more manageable (every two or three days, probably.) Inspiration waxes and wanes.

Thank you all for your continued support.

[Photo above is from April 25, 2012.]

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26 thoughts on “The Fourth

  1. openspiritgrl

    This was not the exciting announcement I wanted to hear… much love to you I will continue to be a follower wherever you hang your hats.

    xoxo 😘 😢😢

    1. H and C Post author

      We knew you’d be disappointed, when we saw your comment last night, but we had planned the announcement for tonight and didn’t want to tip our hand. We hope you aren’t upset. Thanks so much for the follow, and we will be watching you, as well! ~C

      1. openspiritgrl

        I am not upset with you keeping your secret at all. Of course I am bummed you will not be blogging here but I also completely understand! Guess I better start doing something with my Tumblr account. I did just find one of my stories from my old site so I think I will tune it up and repost.

        Always love to you both! It boggles my mind that you don’t have a million followers here. We will keep in touch one way or another.

        xo Aiden

        1. H and C Post author

          Oh, we will have lots more good stuff (we hope) for the next year! October, in particular, should present us with a fascinating location to shoot. And we are going to attempt to take some new shots on Sunday. We look forward to your posts, as well! ~C

  2. Vivibene1

    🙁 well I’m sad about this, but happy I can reblog your work on Tumblr. I hope you still hang around in Twitter as well.

    I adore this photo! So sweet.

    1. H and C Post author

      Oh, hanging around on Twitter will be easy — We only have about ten people who care about our posts there! 😉 Your Tumblr is full of gorgeous images, and we are looking forward to more! ~C

  3. Jackson

    Sad, but understandable. Seasons change. Although I haven’t followed the entirety of your work (just came across you two early last year) I’ve looked forward to your posts each day in my email. Do your stats keep track of email opens by chance? In any case, I’ve bookmarked your tumblr and will be looking to see what you come up with during the final year of this blog.

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, Jackson! We don’t have the stats on email opens, unfortunately. Only click-throughs to the posts. ~C

  4. cris

    that are not good news for us although I can understand.being able to post everyday producing with high class is incredible and you should be proud for all the effort.love your work and…….I Will have to get a tumblr account now :-).Thank you for light my day over the last year.big hug to you both.

  5. Marcie

    Your artistic approach has always been appreciated. You will be missed, have always enjoyed your work. Keep doing what you do however you chose to share.

    1. H and C Post author

      Many thanks, Marcie! We will definitely be around for a while — Too many good ideas and locations have yet to be explored! 😉 ~C

  6. marc

    Happy Anniversary to both of you. I discovered you a while back and have enjoyed your site to say the least.

    Count me in on those who would like to see both of you more.

    Your sprint, creativity and time to put this up is fantastic to say the least.

    I will follow you as you migrate from this site. Over the next year, I will have to visit all of your posting.

    Again thank you.

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you very kindly, Marc! Your words mean a lot to us, truly. We are glad you have enjoyed our posts, and we hope to continue to do so! ~C

  7. fridayam

    My apologies for my late reply but I had a weekend away (another anniversary, the 30th, of a movie I worked on) and was looking forward to catching up with your posts. To say I was heartbroken wouldn’t be exaggerating, but then I thought about the cost and the aggravation and how the viewership can peak and plunge and I got it. It’s been a wonderful voyage with you on this blog and I look forward to renewing our friendship on Tumblr. Thank you.

    p.s. I love the Huckleberry Finn image 🙂 xx

    1. H and C Post author

      We knew you’d understand, Steve, since you’ve been around for so many of our highs and lows. We will still have new content over the next year, though it will feel strange not to post on a daily basis. Hope you had a great weekend away!

  8. KeithandKel

    Missed you two ❤️. Love this pic of my favorite lovers! So cute!! Look forward to staying connected on Tumblr.

  9. Margaret Matthews

    I don’t always get time to enjoy your posts on the day but I do love them and find them inspiring! It would be a pity to lose them.

    1. H and C Post author

      It’s lovely to hear from you, Margaret! We will have plenty more to show you between now and next April, so we hope you’ll stay tuned! ~C

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