Carried On

A continuation of the action that began in a post from last week. Specifically, the middle and end of said activity, culminating in the familiar sensation of the silky warmth of Holden’s ejaculate, sliding down my fingers. I have no idea how he keeps his camera hand so steady while the rest of him is shaking. ~C

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16 thoughts on “Carried On

  1. Jackson

    I always like that nail polish color on you, Camille…it’s sexy. In this case, Holden’s skin tone makes it really pop! Of course, you seemed to have returned the favor in the second image 😂.

    1. H and C Post author

      Much appreciated! It’s always difficult to tell how these are going to turn out, when holding the camera by hand for action shots. But it’s always fun to try! 😉 ~C

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