Could it Be?

Could it be? It is! Friday evening has arrived and the weekend is here! Not that we have anything in particular on our agenda, but sleeping in for a couple of days will feel like a party. (We’re old.) The post title also refers to an accomplishment regarding these two photos: After six-plus years of shooting photos in our house, we found an angle we haven’t used before. The window, bookcase, lamp and sofa have appeared dozens of times, of course, but this specific vantage point is a new one. Holden’s creativity — and willingness to scrunch himself into an odd corner for an image — comes through again. Happy weekend, everyone! Enjoy yourselves! ~C

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8 thoughts on “Could it Be?

  1. Kerri

    Lovely pictures! For some reason, these pictures say to me, “time to snuggle together and watch movies” and I can’t think of a nice way to spend the evening.

  2. Jackson

    Love this vantage point! Great job, Holden! Top pic: love how the hues of the lamp blend perfectly with the tint of that beautiful nipple. Bottom pic: there’s something about that gorgeous pose, mixed with the b/w, that gives that photo a classic feel…maybe it’s because that pose brings out a tone in your back and bum that makes it so alluring and a joy to view.

    1. H and C Post author

      Thanks very much! He shot several variations, so don’t be surprised if we use some outtakes later on. 😉 We didn’t edit these very much, but the details you singled out were exactly the ones that we attempted to enhance — color adjustments in the first and contrast adjustments in the second. Much appreciated! ~C

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