Totally Awesome!

The reunion committee suggested that attendees should dress in outfits reminiscent of the 1980s for the big event, but there were only a few hearty participants. Holden and I had some good ideas, however, and we spent the last few weeks before the trip assembling elements for our respective wardrobes. Not content with one-use limitations on some of the items, we incorporated them into the photos we took beforehand. He was particularly fond of my finger-less lace gloves, and came up with this scenario to feature them. He said he’s always wanted a picture of himself while receiving a hand job in 1987… 😉 ~C

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16 thoughts on “Totally Awesome!

  1. Jackson

    Images of the Material Girl (and all the girls that dressed like her) pop in my head when I see those gloves, lol…but I think this was a much better use for them though 😉 . Great idea, Holden!

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you, Jackson! This is an idea he had in mind before we arrived, but we did shoot a lot of improvised images, too. It’s tough to conceptualize too much ahead of time without actually being in the place. ~C

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you kindly! I’m impressed that he didn’t leave a mess on my gloves, since this was taken before the reunion. 😉 ~C

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