Barmaid at Work

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Work and family commitments have conspired once again to keep the two of us apart for the holiday, so we thought it would be a nice idea to publish a couple of shots of us together for this evening’s post. Holden’s shirt is another element from his John Bender reunion outfit, though I certainly didn’t wear this corset ensemble to the party! (Just the fishnets).

It’s a busy travel day, and we hope you have already arrived safely at your destination by now, if you’re visiting family for the weekend. Take care, y’all, and enjoy the feast! ~C

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12 thoughts on “Barmaid at Work

  1. jetosh

    Photo 1 – Is H giving C a tip for great services rendered or to be rendered?
    Photo 2 – Another “pool table” joke. Did C kiss H’s balls to get his cue long & hard?

    1. H and C Post author

      The secret to great service is the promise of financial reward before, during, and after! 😉 I didn’t kiss the balls, but I do a good job of handling them! ~C

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