Command Performance

When we are approaching the conclusion of a shoot, and Holden tells me to get up on my knees and slide to the edge of the bed, there are several options for what happens next. All of them are delightful, though the action in the second photo is the one I’ll always choose for a starter! Things get hazy for me, after that…

As you might imagine, these are chronologically the final two photos we shot at the rental property. But we do have another pair to post from the bar area, and we will do that on Friday evening. We have an interesting weekend ahead, and we hope this coming Saturday will produce enough new images to keep you warm for several weeks to come! ~C

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16 thoughts on “Command Performance

  1. jetosh

    My wife and I also love it when I eat her from behind like that. An excellent way to get things rolling. Thanks for the great series from your reunion. I’m looking forward to the final “bar” photos.

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