The Rail Thing

Wardrobe options number four, if you’re keeping score at home, and we are standing on the stair landing where Holden caught the overhead shot in this post. The property was on the west side of a small lake, and so the A-frame windows allowed Scarlett and me to enjoy a lovely late afternoon view…as well as one another’s company. I confess to a bit of regret, when she pulled these delightful knickers out of her suitcase, and I wish I’d brought something as bright and colorful for myself. But they look great on her, don’t they? We will have another couple of these for you later on, too. ~C

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10 thoughts on “The Rail Thing

    1. H and C Post author

      The comfort level was definitely a pleasant surprise, since Scarlett and I had only met a few times before. She’s a natural, though, and she was very confident in her own sexuality. 🙂 ~C

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you kindly! We used a few lamps, since it was an overcast day, but all those windows certainly helped with flattering light! ~C

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