Texts from Hux

Ever have one of those co-workers with no sense of proper boundaries? You’re off duty, in your comfortable lounging clothes, and you’ve just poured a nice tall glass of your favorite Corellian wine. And then, out of nowhere, the texts begin. And not even about anything important, really, or certainly not something that couldn’t wait until later. You try to respond cordially, even with your inner monologue raging…

Oh, Armitage, you are such a sad and angry little man. And, yes, we all giggle to ourselves when your grand and loud speeches are punctuated with those bits of spittle that are always flying out of your mouth. Well, of course Snoke favors Kylo over you! We all do! Okay, gotta go now. My First Order of business is polishing off this wine…

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14 thoughts on “Texts from Hux

    1. H and C Post author

      I probably wear this top in photos too much. 😉 And we suspect it would take more than a glass of wine to mellow Phasma! Maybe a case? ~C

  1. jetosh

    At first I thought that by the look on Phasma’s face she was just into her first glass of the finest Corellion when she got a call to come in to work to put down some pesky rebels.

    1. H and C Post author

      Something tells me that you in particular will enjoy next Tuesday’s final “pair” from this Phasma series… 😉 ~C

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