Sun-Kissed Tinkerbell




Good morning and happy Friday, one and all! It is a day of celebration for us, and we are pleased to present these gorgeous submissions from Tinkerbell to kick off a happy day. Her contributions began conservatively and have become more and more revealing, in part due to your kind and enthusiastic comments. Let’s keep that going, shall we?

We also wanted to quote from her email to us, as she provided some interesting insights to her motivation and technique: Standing naked in front of the window – bright sun outside. The sunbeams play with my skin. I wanted to play along, so I used a lace curtain to make sun tattoos on my breasts.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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12 thoughts on “Sun-Kissed Tinkerbell

  1. fridayam

    First Peaches and now the gorgeous Tinkerbell–this site is full of wonders this week 🙂 And what wonders Tinkerbell has wrought on her lovely body–I love the concept of sun tattoos and the execution is a delight. Thank you Tinkerbell 🙂 x

    1. H and C Post author

      Twitter, especially, LOVED this series of photos, and we can understand why! If you enjoyed this week’s submissions, you’ll definitely want to keep aware next week. Spoiler alert — Submitted photos from first-time contributors! 🙂

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