We have made it a point to avoid elaborate photo edits for quite some time now, but Holden decided last night to get a little creative with this one. I was sitting beside the open door to the balcony at the hotel, enjoying a warm breeze, while he set up for a different shot. He snapped a couple, since he liked how my hair was being tousled, and I’m happy with the pose. We agreed that a bit of video effect would add to the sense of motion, as though this were a still frame. ~C

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15 thoughts on “Breezy

  1. Kerri

    Love it! Makes me think about sitting on our hotel room balcony overlooking the beach this past weekend… and how the people in the next room could see into ours through the mirror on our wall😉

    1. H and C Post author

      Much appreciated, dear! We probably don’t spend as much time in hotel rooms as it would appear, but we try to be prolific when we do. 😉 We have long since run out of unique places in our house to shoot. ~C

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