Skippy’s Back

We hope you’ll be so captivated by these incredible photos of Skippy that you’ll forgive us for not posting them yesterday. We were busy on Sunday evening with the organization of our upcoming holiday series, and neglected to prepare these for a Monday morning guest post. We suspect, however, that our sense of regret is far less profound than the women in the adjoining buildings who caught a glimpse of this fellow’s body but did not have binoculars handy. What a time to find yourself without a zoom function! Of course, you all have an up close and personal view, so please show some love to our divine contributor. ~C

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2 thoughts on “Skippy’s Back

  1. fridayam

    I doubt much work was being done in that metropolitan area, with lots of unanswered calls and unread emails šŸ˜‰ Skippy, I don’t want to blame you but you may have taken a percentage point off productivity that day. Good on you!

    1. H and C Post author

      Yes, we can’t imagine how loud the screeching halt to the work day must have been! And sadly, I don’t work downtown… ~C

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