2016’s Most Viewed: 10th Place

From Audrey and Dutch: Chapter One (September 10, 2016)

The combination of our own nightly publications and those from our valued contributors resulted in just over 400 posts to Holden-and-Camille.com in 2016. For the next ten nights, we will be presenting our most popular posts from the past twelve months, as decided by our readers in the form of site views. We didn’t fudge the numbers.

We are a bit disappointed to say that this is the only post from the groundbreaking Audrey and Dutch series to make the top ten, but we hope that anyone who missed it will take the time to view it. It was a long time in the making and planning, and all four of us were thrilled with the results. (Another of these posts just missed, ranking at number 13.)

As we suspected, the vast majority of the posts in this countdown are Sinful Sunday publications — Nine of the ten, to be exact. We have drawn a lot of new viewers for our weekend posts, since we became acquainted with Molly earlier this year, and we continue to be inspired by their kind words. (Though we wish more of them realized that we also post on weekdays…) ~C

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4 thoughts on “2016’s Most Viewed: 10th Place

  1. Life of Elliott...

    Wait a minute, I loved Audrey & Dutch! What’s not to love with those matching toe rings and cute painted toes… well actually, there’s a lot more to love higher up now that I think about it. Looking forward to your top ten… and yeah, it does help to know Molly. And hey, not checking H&C on weekdays… well their loss.

    1. H and C Post author

      We were tempted to noodle the numbers, honestly, to have two of the Audrey & Dutch series in the top 10, but we decided to trust the data. Yes, knowing Molly does have lots of benefits, and the community she has fostered is very kind and supportive. Maybe a few more of them will tune in for weekdays in 2017. 😉 ~C

  2. fridayam

    It’s sadly true that even the watchers of Sinful Sunday can be lazy–Molly serves her joys on too delightful a platter, and the time-poor find it too much of a grind to explore further. ‘Twas ever so 🙁 I adored the Audrey/Dutch series, as you know x

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