2016’s Most Viewed: 9th Place

From In a Pinch (June 25, 2016)

For those of you who joined us later in the year, Holden and I took a seven day vacation to the west coast in May, in celebration of our tenth anniversary.  We visited San Diego and Seattle, and shared many new adventures along the way. It was an even split — Our days in San Diego were more entertaining, on the whole, but Seattle produced the best photos. We created the vacation tag for the 26 posts that we have published from the trip, if you’d care to review them.

Our best idea, with regard to these posts, was to pair an erotic photo with a more traditional vacation shot. It’s always difficult to gauge how much interest our readers have in our adventures outside of the prurient, but we thought that at least some of you would be entertained by the other types of fun we had. ~C

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