More Dark Secrets

After the first couple of shots were complete, Holden got up from the bed and moved the tripod to this location. He was deliberate, as always, and the set-up seemed to take a long time. Eventually, I was greeted with the familiar sensation of his body lowering down onto mine, his hands roaming across my bare skin. I wanted nothing more than to return his touch, and to read the passion in his eyes, but that was the game. He took delight in toying with me, using his lips and tongue and teeth to tease me. And just when I thought the sweet torture couldn’t get any worse, he adjusted position and began to caress my lips with the head of his swollen cock. ~C

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16 thoughts on “More Dark Secrets

    1. H and C Post author

      Thank you, Kerri! Sometimes I like to imagine wearing the blindfold and feeling four hands…or two mouths… 😉 ~C

        1. H and C Post author

          As always, I like the way you think! 😉 The amateur pornographer in me imagined the fourth person to be busy holding the camera… ~C

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