I bought this shirt for Holden’s son several years ago, in case he needed some extra clothes during one of his weekend visits at our house. Circumstances and growth spurts resulted in him wearing it a grand total of once and now, at 5’11 and 200+ pounds, there’s no way he could squeeze into it. So now it’s mine, and I really love it. Both of my own sons outgrew me when they were teens, just as Holden’s did, but there’s a certain comfort in being the smallest person in the house when we’re all here together. I certainly feel secure and safe, with all those big strong men around! Happy Friday, everyone! I hope the weekend is just your size. ~C

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    1. H and C Post author

      Holden is fortunate to work in an office without a dress code, so his wardrobe consists mostly of jeans and casual shirts. But I do love borrowing men’s clothes from time to time! 😉 ~C

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