Eye Contact

There are tens of thousands of them online. You’ve seen them. Point-of-view perspectives of a doe-eyed young woman with her mouth full of some guy’s swollen cock, looking up at him as sheΒ employs her techniques. But you hardly ever see any from the opposite scenario, do you? We’ll let the black-and-white one of these stand as a possible trend-setter. I know it’s a bit off-center and isn’t precisely from my angle. But it thrills me just the same, when his eyes meet mine while his tongue dances on my most tender parts! ~C

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10 thoughts on “Eye Contact

  1. fridayam

    Oh the squirming, scented, liquid joys of giving oral to a woman, and beautifully captured πŸ™‚ Though I like the doe-eyed ones from time to time….just saying…. πŸ˜‰ x

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