Fore Play

Hello! Hope you all have enjoyed a pleasant weekend! I haven’t been playing golf for very long, but I have already learned the best way to distract Holden when he’s putting. If I hold the flag stick with one hand and hike up my skirt with the other, I can make even the shortest tap-in an adventure for him! Much the same way I cheat at cards, I confess. ~C

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11 thoughts on “Fore Play

  1. fridayam

    It always amuses me when over-exitable American golf fans shout “In the hole!” the moment their favourite strikes the ball, but I kind of get the point now 😉 x

    1. H and C Post author

      Ah, yes, the most annoying part of any golf broadcast. Fortunately, it’s counteracted by the whispering from the commentators! ~C

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